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  • Freight Handling

    by ISS Online 26 Unit Standards in R30,000.00 ex. Vat

    SAQA ID 57831 NQF Level 3


    The safe handling of freight is dependant upon the applicable people complying with the relevant procedures and applying the necessary skills to their handling. This Qualification, therefore, is aimed at providing learners in the Freight sector with:

    • An integrated practical and theoretical grounding in Freight Handling.
    • The ability to work more effectively with others.
    • The skills necessary to maintain and enhance the level of service and quality of service expected by customers.
    • An awareness and understanding of key business principles that lead to transformation, transferability, economic growth and social development in the freight handling industry.

    Who Should Attend

    People involved in freight handling. They play a key role in the movement of goods since they represent the physical link that ensures that the freight is efficiently and safely handled. The required knowledge and skills can be used in many other goods handling environments or equally as well in a full warehousing environment. On-the-job experience can progressively lead to positions of more responsibility in the safe handling of goods and freight.


    1. Understand the principles of the freight handling business in South Africa.
    2. Understand the composition of the supply chain in the transport industry.
    3. Understand legislated and company-required health, safety, environmental and security practices.
    4. Act responsibly when handling freight.


    On the successful completion of this course, you will be issued with a certificate of competency from Innovative Shared Services as well as an official statement of results – once your POE (Portfolio of Evidence) has been verified and approved by the course specific SETA, the ETDP SETA will issue you with a statement confirming that your achievement is recognized nationally. Both the Certificate and Statement of results will be sent to you in electronic format.

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