How do I register or enroll to attend a course?

Firstly, click on the course tab. Then select the course you want to purchase. Select purchase this course.Select proceed to registration. Then you will arrive at the registration page where you are required to complete and submit the registration form. Once the registration form has been submitted and the payment has been approved you will receive an email confirming your login details.

I am unemployed but want to attend the online training. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible, during the registration process you must please specify if you are employed or unemployed. If you choose the unemployed option you will be assigned to a workplace where you can do your work experience in order to complete your practical tasks and hours for the course. Please note that approximately 2/3rds of each qualification is based on the completion of workplace exposure.

What important documents do I need before starting the course?

You will need to send us an original certified copy of your ID or passport, your Matric Certificate and any documents relating to Number 19 of the Registration page. In addition to this you will be sent a copy of the contract, this needs to be initialed and signed along with the signed Declaration of Authenticity. You may continue with the course as long as we have received the following documents within 30 days of registering for the course. If you are unable to produce a matric certificate then you may be required to complete a numeracy and literacy assessment.

Once enrolled can I track my progress?

Yes you can. There is a progress bar that will appear at the top of your Active Courses page once the course teacher has graded your assessments. This will appear as a percentage of the completed qualification.


Do I need to pay before I can start my course?

Yes you are required to have proof of payment before you can start the course. Credit card transactions will reflect immediately and you can start the course straight after payment. If your are doing an EFT transaction then you will have to send us proof of payment before starting the course, this could take up to 24 hours. Once this is complete you will receive an email confirming your login details.


If I am unemployed, how will I complete my practical part of the training?

If you are unemployed you will have to state this during the registration process and you will be assigned by ISS Online to a workplace or organization, with a supervisor/mentor, where you can complete your workplace tasks and work experience hours.

Will my information I submit online be secure?

This website does not share personal information with third parties nor do we store any information about your visit to this blog other than to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies. You can turn off the use of cookies at anytime by changing your specific browser settings.

I have done some of the Unit Standards in the full qualification. Will I get credits for these?

Yes. If you can produce your ETDP statement of results, you will be credited for those unit standards.

What is the minimum period of time I can complete the course in?

There is no minimum, you may progress as quickly as you would like.

I don’t have a fulltime Internet connection. Can I still attend the course?

Yes. You will be required to only use an internet connection to download the material and to submit your assessments. All material and assessments may be worked on offline.

What are the entry-level criteria for the course?

A matric certificate or a higher qualification must be produced. If you can not produce a matric certificate then you may be required to complete a numeracy and literacy assessment.

If I don’t qualify to attend the course, what do I do/do I have alternative options?

If for any reason you do not initially qualify to attend the course (i.e. you cannot provide a matric certificate) you may email us and you can complete a Numeracy and Literacy Assessment which will be assessed, proving you are competent to qualify for the course. Please note that this might prolong your registration process. It is advised to contact the online administrator to discuss the options available. Contact details: 0861 111 185.

I can only attend the course after hours. Will there be someone to help me if I am stuck?

If queries are sent after business hours, they will be attended to the online mentors earliest convenience.


Are the courses offered accredited and/or recognized?

Yes. All courses are accredited with the relevant SETA’s (services SETA, TETA) and are nationally recognised.


Where is ISS based?

The head office is in Pietermaritzburg, with branches across South Africa.

How will ISS communicate with me once I am enrolled to study?

Through the phone and emails as well as the ISS online messaging platform.

How do I contact a course teacher/expert for help?

Through emails and phone calls as well as the ISS online messaging platform.

Can I do a course from my Smart phone or Tablet?

Yes. Both are compatible with the online system. Please go to the “how it works” page at responsive design for the comparabilities of the different devices.