6. Current Affairs Awareness

Analyse new developments reported in the media that could impact on a business sector or industry (Preview)

Author: ISS Online

US No.  13943 NQF Level 04 Credits  10 Purpose: This unit standard is intended to promote general knowledge and understanding of current affairs in a field of business or industry in order to ensure knowledgeable and informed workers in the industry. It addresses a broad base of socio-economic and environmental related knowledge and requires the analysis of current affairs as they could impact on the selected business sector or industry. Unit standard range:

  • Articles from trade and professional journals and publications, news from a daily or weekly newspapers, television or radio newscast electronic or other news media.
  1. Analyse articles and reports from current print and electronic material.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the latest innovations and developments in technology.
  3. Analyse proposed business or industrial development that could impact on the physical environment.
  4. Analyse issues in the media relating to labour that could impact on a business sector or industry.

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