The registration form contains all the relevant information that will be required by our governing body to ensure accuracy of information for your certificate of competency to be issued.

SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) Legislation requires a signed contract between Learner, Provider and Employer (if applicable) for qualification recognition on being deemed competent. Details below will be transferred into this contract.

The commitment to the below contract incorporates agreement to the Terms & Conditions as outlined by ISS Online. The contractual obligations of the Learner and the Provider as well as any third party such as, a governing or regulatory body is contained within the Terms & Condition’s section.

Please note: You have to accept the Terms & Conditions of this agreement to start the course.

ISS Online will post you a copy of the contract, completed with the above details. Each page is required to be initialed and lastly signed with your original signature. In the envelope posted to you, please return the Signed Contract page as well as, an original certified copy of your ID or Passport, Matric Certificate or Highest Qualification Certificate and any paper work relating to the below questions. This will be posted to you and should be sent back within 14 days.

1 As contemplated by the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998. The Employment Equity Act defines a disability as a long-term or recurring physical or mental impairment which substantially limits prospects of entry into, advancement in, employment.

2 Please note: If you cannot produce your Matric Certificate there is an option of completing a Numeracy and Literacy Assessment, proving competency at the equivalent level. If applicable to you, email us at