Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of local and international trade (Free Preview)

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US No. 117668
NQF Level 04
Credits  15

A learner accredited with this standard will be able to utilise his understanding of local and international trade and the function of his/her specific organisation within the local and global trade arena to enhance organisational service levels to internal and external.

Unit standard range:
The scope of this Unit Standard is for any person working in the greater transport environment where knowledge and application of the nature and context of local and international trade in a general sense is required. The range includes innovative responses to concrete but sometimes unfamiliar problems across a number of organisations within the transport environment using basic analytical interpretation of information. (This standard is aimed at providing a foundational knowledge of local and international trade, regardless of whether the learner is in the freight handling, forwarding and clearing, ships brokering or any other sub-sector within the South Africa transport industry)


  1. Know the basics of supply and demand in the global market.
  2. Know the basics of absolute and comparative advantage and the need for International Trade
  3. Know the basic underpinning components of the value chain.
  4. Know and demonstrate an understanding of the basic philosophy of international trade agreements
  5. Know and demonstrate an understanding of the different modes of transport, and support services in international trade.
  6. Know and demonstrate a comprehension of the Southern African market context


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