Ensuring customer satisfaction and competitive practice (Free Preview)

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US No. 8037
NQF Level 03
Credits  2

On accreditation of this standard, the learner will be able to contribute to the cost effectiveness of the business and customer satisfaction, by demonstrating an integrated practical and theoretical understanding of competitive practice and customer relations based on quality service to the customer and sound business practices.

Unit standard range:
The applied competence expressed in this standard cover a variety of familiar processes leading to customer satisfaction and promoting competitive practices, requiring responses based on interpretation of available information and limited discretion and judgement by the learner. The learner must demonstrate shared responsibility for the quality of service and the level of competitive practice employed.


  1. Identify the nature and extent of the service to be rendered to clients.
  2. Calculate product costing.
  3. Identify special service arrangements.
  4. Calculate costing of service.
  5. Control damage and process claims.

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