Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts (Free Preview)

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US No. 119465
NQF Level 03
Credits  5

Learners at this level write/present/sign texts with complex subject matter and a need for various levels of formality in language and construction. They select text type, subject matter and language to suit specific audiences, purposes and contexts. Writers/signers can use linguistic structures and features to influence readers/their audience. They draft, redraft and edit own writing/signing to meet the demands of a range of text-types. They use language appropriate to the socio-cultural, learning or workplace/technical environment as required. They explore presentation techniques as an alternative to writing/signing own texts.

Unit standard range:
Controls language patterns and structures and engages with context, purpose and audience.


  1. Write/sign for a specified audience and purpose.
  2. Use language structures & features to produce coherent & cohesive texts for a wide range of contexts.
  3. Draft own writing/signing and edit to improve clarity and correctness.

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