Interpret a variety of literary texts (Afrikaans) (Free Preview)

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US No.  8972
NQF Level 03
Credits  5

Competence at this level will enable learners to discuss the style and purpose of the text, both implied and stated meanings, themes as well as plot, the author`s point of view and the context in which the text arose. They can use literature as a base to study and make judgements about human and social issues. They are aware of the drama and power of language.

As a creative representation of life and experience, literature raises important questions about the human condition, now and in the past. Learners` increasing ability to reflect on their experiences and to compare them with others` is encouraged, enhancing their capacity to deal with a selection of texts that explore moral, psychological and philosophical issues.

Unit standard range:

  • The learner can read for enjoyment, analyse elements of literary genres and respond to issues, characters and situations presented in literary contexts.
  • A variety of written and visual texts: picture books, folklore, traditional stories (written and oral), myths, legends, novels, feature films, short stories, poetry, learners` own speaking and writing, non-fiction (biographies and filmed documentaries), scripted and improvised drama/plays, television serials, video clips, cartoons and comics, song lyrics.


  1. Extract meaning from a variety of literary texts.
  2. Identify and explain features that influence response to texts.
  3. Produce own texts in response to literary texts.

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