Managing self-development (Free Preview)

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US No. 7997
NQF Level 04
Credits  12

A learner accredited with this standard will be able to effectively plan their professional development and implement their personal career plans to improve their functioning in the broader work and social environment.

Unit standard range:
The applied competency expressed in this standard cover a variety of familiar and unfamiliar processes requiring a range of innovative responses based on informed judgment and analytical interpretation of information by the learner, who has complete responsibility for the quantity and quality of output.


  1. Identify the skills and knowledge required for the development of his/her career path.
  2. Make and update his/her personal plans for developing skills.
  3. Prioritise goals and objectives.
  4. Select mechanisms for pursuing feedback.
  5. Source, select and utilise the requisite resources.
  6. Identify ways to minimise digressions or obstacles.

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