Obtain and communicate road transport operational information  (Free Preview)

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US No. 113843
NQF Level 03
Credits  10

Learners acquiring this standard will be learning towards obtaining a national qualification or are working within a transport operations environment, where acquisition of competence against this standard will add value to learner`s job, or chances of finding employment.

Unit standard range:
Whenever incidents occur in all environments under all conditions of operational pressure
Well defined, familiar situations within given frameworks of action
Work is conducted within given frameworks
National, regional and local language preference considered
Interaction from chairperson to member
Communication on any related field/topic/issue
Communicating with sensitivity and awareness of cultural factors
Varying conditions of work and organisational pressure
Use computer in basic skills of read and report
Language preferred in business
Statistics and graphs
Knowledge of processes and procedures of access, basic skills to execution
Computer generated spreadsheets, statistics and graphs
Work on any given desk top computer
Ability to use most basic software packages, internet and e-mail
Low standards to high standards knowledge
Accessing various modes of data
Time and task
Different levels of operation
Handling information from various sources
Working under varying operational conditions
Working with management and subordinates
Ability to present findings and recommendations to all levels of organisation
Use of various media to present findings and recommendations
Present information to a wide audience of diverse backgrounds


  1. Conduct team discussion meetings.
  2. Read and report on transport operational information.
  3. Apply basic end user computing.
  4. Gather and understand operations information.
  5. Interpret basic operations information (variance).
  6. Make findings and recommendations.

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