Operating computer systems (Free Preview)

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US No. 7996
NQF Level 03
Credits  8

A learner accredited with this standard will be able to demonstrate the ability to apply an understanding of basic computer operations to a range of computer packages for the successful completion and presentation of work-place documentation.

Unit standard range:
Computer systems envisaged by this standard include hardware and software designed to be used in the workplace, encompassing the appropriate operating system (e.g. MS Windows 98), computer package (e.g. MS Office, Lotus Smart Suite) and electronic communication tools (e.g. MS Mail), where the learner is able to competently implement appropriate responses to largely familiar problems based on limited discretion and judgement but where he/she has significant responsibility for the quantity and quality of output.


  1. Successfully identify, initiate and perform the appropriate steps in order to access information.
  2. Identify and select the appropriate computer system process.
  3. Access data and integrate the data across compatible computer programs.
  4. Take appropriate action to ensure the security and integrity of data.

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