Processing and controlling documentation (Free Preview)

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US No. 8035
NQF Level 04
Credits  4

A learner accredited with this standard will be able to demonstrate an integrated practical and theoretical understanding of documentation processing and control systems and apply that knowledge to the work environment, resulting in improved customer service and efficiency in practice.

Unit standard range:
The applied competence expressed in this standard covers the processing and control of the full spectrum of both internal and customs documentation to facilitate the efficient handling of freight in any organisation/warehouse/distribution centre/port environment throughout the Transport Chain. The range includes innovative responses to concrete but sometimes unfamiliar problems, using basic analytical interpretation of information.


    1. Identify the most efficient method for distributing documentation.
    2. Plan and prepare the documentation that is required in specific work contexts.
    3. Identify suitable control and verification systems for all documentation.
    4. Identify the most appropriate procedure for documentation control.
    5. Complete relevant documentation timeously and accurately.
    6. Adhere to time and priority specifications in the flow of documents.
    7. Identify, access, select, interpret and record information.


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