Receiving and dispatching freight, and handling freight returns (Free Preview)

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US No. 8024
NQF Level 03
Credits  5

A learner will now be capable of demonstrating an integrated practical and theoretical knowledge of receipt, dispatch and returns of freight procedures, based on quality service to the customer and product care. The learner will be able to accept additional responsibility through knowledge of the whole process.

Unit standard range:
The applied competence expressed in this standard cover standard procedures requiring responses to familiar challenges, based on discretion and judgement. The learner has significant responsibility for quality and quantity of output and taking innovative and corrective action in the event of unfamiliar challenges throughout a range of operational environment within the freight handling industry as defined.


  1. Identify non-conforming freight on arrival and departure.
  2. Assess the quality of packaging and securing of freight.
  3. Determine the correct type and quantity of packages/units are received, dispatched or moved.
  4. Place and store freight.
  5. Move freight in accordance with pre-determined time constraints.
  6. Implement a stocktaking system.
  7. Ensure client confidentiality.

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