1. Administrative Procedures

Contract service providers (Online) (Preview)

Author: ISS Online

US No.  14552 NQF  Level 04 Credits  3 Purpose: This Unit Standard is intended for employees in the Local Employment and Skills Development Practices sector. It could be utilised in other, related fields as well. Learners accessing this standard will be able to select and contract service providers for identified projects or programmes. Unit standard range:

  • This Unit Standard should be applied and assessed utilising the institutional procedures in place at the learner`s workplace.
  1. The need to contract service providers identified and verified.
  2. Basic terms of reference (ToR) are drafted to outline the nature of the service provision required.
  3. Source appropriate service providers.
  4. Service providers are contracted.

Manage service providers in a selected organisation (Online) (Preview)

Author: ISS Online

US No.  109999 NQF  Level 04 Credits  5 Purpose: This Unit Standard is intended for all persons working in Administration in commercial and non-commercial organisations. It is also intended for other people who have the task of managing service providers to an organisation. Unit standard range:

  • Elements of a contract include, parties involved, dates, objectives, expiry dates, responsibilities of parties, outputs of parties.
  • Service providers provide services including market research and marketing companies, infrastructure, policy, training and technical assistance and technology and product development.
  1. Describe the elements of service provider management.
  2. Develop contracts for service providers.
  3. Evaluate the deliverables of service providers.
  4. Manage service providers who do not deliver on contracts.

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