Comply with organisational ethics (Free Preview)

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US No.  10022
NQF  Level 04
Credits  4

This unit standard is a core standard and forms part of the qualification, National Certificate and is registered at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Learners working towards this standard will be learning towards the full qualification, or will be working within a Marketing Environment, specialising in either Marketing Communication, Marketing Management, Market Research or Customer Management, where the acquisition of competence against this standard will add value to one`s job.
This standard will also add value to learners who are starting their own business and recognises that Marketing forms an integral component of any business.

Unit standard range:

  • Stakeholders will include customers, suppliers, the public, employees, management, consumer councils, local government, shareholders, trade unions and financial institutions.
  • Marketing including all forms of marketing communications direct marketing and relationship marketing, sponsorship, event marketing, sales promotions, public relations and alternative strategies.
  • Media will include all electronic, print, outdoor, digital media, e-media and direct media.
  • Code of conduct and ethics excluding rules, regulations, laws, unwritten rules and any method which helps in dealing with behaviours in marketing.


  1. Describe the code of conduct and ethical issues.
  2. Adhere to code of conduct.
  3. Identify and understand the ethical issues in the organisation.

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