Describe and assist in the control of fraud in an office environment (Free Preview)

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US No.  110026
NQF  Level 04
Credits  4

This Unit standard introduces the concept of fraud and its control in an office environment to learners. It is intended for people working in administration as well as for managers of teams, sections, divisions and departments.

Unit standard range:

  • Parties who could commit fraud include employees, customers, suppliers, intermediaries or other stakeholders
  • Fraudulent activity could be identified in reports, phone calls, conversations, private investigators, internal and external auditors, information received and other documents.
  • Legislation governing fraud includes the Income Tax Act, Health Professionals` Act, Long term Insurance Act, Pharmacy Act, Law of contract.
  • Measures to control fraud could include tracking names of individuals or corporations, public information from the Department of Home Affairs, and tracking financial records.


  1. Describe fraud as it occurs in an office environment.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of legal aspects relating to fraud in a selected business.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of internal processes around the investigation of fraud.
  4. Analyse trends and the impact of fraud in a selected business sector.
  5. Explain and assist with control mechanisms used to contain fraud in a selected business sector.

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