Establish a competitive supply chain infrastructure

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US No. 336706
NQF Level 06
Credits 10


This unit standard will enable learners to establish a competitive supply chain infrastructure. The person accredited with this unit standard will be able to facilitate the creation of a competitive Supply Chain Infrastructure that covers:

  • Site Location.
  • Supply and distribution networks.
  • Effective organisational structures.
  • Effective transport system.
  • Effective communication system.


  • Site location decision analysis.
  • Facility layout design methodology.
  • Transportation network design and selection.
  • Organisational structuring and job design.
  • Information management.


  1. Use a variety of tools and methods to facilitate the site location decision.
  2. Use a variety of tools and methods to facilitate the design of the facility layout.
  3. Design an effective and competitive logistics system.
  4. Initiate and participate in the establishment of supply chain organisational structures.

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