Measure, estimate & calculate physical quantities & explore, critique & prove geometrical relationships in 2 and 3 dimensional space in the life and workplace of adult with increasing responsibilities (Free Preview)

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US No.  12417
NQF  Level 04
Credits  4

This unit standard is designed to provide credits towards the mathematical literacy requirements of the NQF at level 4. The essential purposes of the mathematical literacy requirements are that, as the learner progresses with confidence through the levels, the learner will grow in: An insightful use of mathematics in the management of the needs of everyday living to become a self-managing person; an understanding of mathematical applications that provides insight into the learner`s present and future occupational experiences and so develop into a contributing worker and the ability to voice a critical sensitivity to the role of mathematics in a democratic society and so become a participating citizen.

Unit standard range:

  • The scope of this unit standard includes length, surface area, volume, mass, speed; ratio, proportion; making and justifying conjectures. Contexts relevant to the adult, the workplace and the country.


  1. Measure, estimate, and calculate physical quantities.
  2. Explore, analyse & critique, describe & represent, interpret & justify geometrical relationships.

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