Monitor, assess and manage risk (Free Preview)

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US No. 252025
NQF Level 05
Credits  8

This Unit Standard is intended for managers in all economic sectors. These managers would typically be second level managers such as heads of department, section heads or divisional heads, who may have more than one team reporting to them.

Unit standard range:

  • The learner is required to apply the learning in respect of this/her own area of responsibility.
  • Unit refers to the division, department or business unit in which the learner is responsible for managing and leading staff.
  • Entity includes, but is not limited to, a company, business unit, public institution, small business, Non-Profit Organisation or Non-Governmental Organisation.
  • Environmental risk factors include systems, location and changes in the environment.
  • Risks include financial risk, occupational health, safety and environmental risks.
  • Company policies include policies relating to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Strategies include mitigation, avoidance, elimination and acceptance.
  • Contingency plans include tasks, responsibilities, time frames, resources and emergency procedures.


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of potential risks to a unit.
  2. Identify potential risks and assess the impact thereof in a unit.
  3. Develop contingency plans for managing risk.
  4. Test and revise contingency plans.

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