Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment (Free Preview)

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US No.  12153
NQF  Level 04
Credits  5

The purpose of the unit standard requires learners to follow a process in writing texts and reports required in business. It is intended to promote clear, unambiguous communication in plain language and to improve the quality of written reports and other texts that are specific to a business environment, require a particular format and may include specified legislated requirements. The unit standard enables learners to recognise and effectively use textual conventions and features specific to business texts.

Unit standard range:

  • Texts specific to a particular function in a business context include sector specific documents; written comparisons of products; reports on specifics of cover; historical reviews over a period of cover; claims reports; explanations of how changes in legislation will impact on the rules of the fund or pension benefit; financial needs analyses; financial plans; reports to investors; reports to statutory bodies; customised insurance policies; statistical reports; actuarial reports; promotional proposals and other texts used within the sector and field of learning.
  • The audience may be internal for use within an organisation or external for wider publication.
  • Appropriate use of layout includes visual presentation, headings, bullets, numbering and other layout features, appropriate phrasing for headings, stem sentence and phrases match where bullets are used.
  • Over complex syntax refers to long constructions and inappropriate use of the passive voice.
  • Different ways of presenting the same information include text, graphs, tables, flow charts and diagrams.


  1. Use textual features and conventions specific to business texts for effective writing.
  2. Identify and collect information needed to write a text specific to a particular function.
  3. Compose a text using plain language for a specific function.
  4. Organise and structure a text appropriately for a business function.
  5. Present a written text for a particular function in a business environment.

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