Learners need to meet the entry requirements for the relevant qualifications, these can be found on the Qualifications page, under the selected qualification. Learners should be computer literate and have access to a personal or company computer, laptop or tablet. It is preferable that the selected learners have the available time necessary to complete their online qualification. Any online learning intervention requires discipline, commitment and time. To complete the course in the time period stipulated, we recommend that you allocate 6 – 7 hours per week to learning.

Yes this is possible, during the registration process you must please specify if you are employed or unemployed. If you choose the unemployed option you will be assigned to a workplace where you can do your work experience in order to complete your practical tasks and hours for the course. Please note that approximately 2/3rds of each qualification is based on the completion of workplace exposure.

You will need to send us an original certified copy of your ID or passport, your Matric Certificate and any documents relating to Number 19 of the Registration page. In addition to this you will be sent a copy of the contract, this needs to be initialed and signed along with the signed Declaration of Authenticity. You may continue with the course as long as we have received the following documents within 30 days of registering for the course. If you are unable to produce a matric certificate then you may be required to complete a numeracy and literacy assessment.

Yes you can. There is a progress bar that will appear at the top of your My Qualifications page once the qualification teacher has graded your assessments. This will appear as a percentage of the completed qualification.

Entry requirements may vary depending on the qualification.  These requirements can be found on the Qualifications page, under the selected qualification.

One of two processes can take place.

Candidates need to complete the registration form found on the Register page.  An ISS Online representative will contact you regarding the required registration documentation for the selected qualification. Once registration and payment has been approved you will receive an email confirming your login details.

Alternatively, you may directly contact an ISS Online representative and they will assist you with your registration process.

Documentation may vary depending on the selected qualification.

NQF Level 4 qualifications require:

  • Original certified copy of your ID or passport (certification must be within 3 months)
  • Certified proof of highest qualification – completed grade 11 is sufficient (Matric certificate is acceptable)
  • Confirmation of employment or fixed term employment
  • Updated copy of your Curriculum Vitae

NQF Level 5 qualifications require:

  • Original certified copy of your ID or passport (certification must be within 3 months)
  • Certified copy of Matric certificate (any other higher qualification is acceptable)
  • Confirmation of employment or fixed term employment
  • Updated copy of your Curriculum Vitae

All successful learners will be required to sign a tri-party agreement for the duration of the qualification, with the above serving as supporting documentation. (A tri-party agreement is signed between yourself/ your employer, the training provider and the SETA: Sector Education & Training Authority)

We have Pre-assessments for all of our Online Qualifications.  These assessments contain basic questions relevant to the subject matter, this allows us to determine if the learner has the necessary abilities to complete the qualification. Pre-assessments are available on request.

If for any reason you do not initially qualify for the desired qualification (i.e. you cannot provide a matric certificate) you may contact an ISS Online representation and we will discuss the possible options available.

Yes. All part and full qualifications contain credits.  The credits obtained when completing a part qualification can be transferred when completing a full qualification, provided that the subjects completed in the part qualification apply to the full qualification.


Yes, you are required to have proof of payment before you can start the course. Credit card transactions will reflect immediately and you can start the course straight after payment. If you are doing an EFT transaction then you will have to send us proof of payment before starting the course, this could take up to 24 hours. Once this is complete you will receive an email confirming your login details.

Favourable payment terms are available, please contact an ISS Online representative for further information.

A fee will apply for all extensions granted, please contact an ISS Online representative for further details.


The duration may vary depending on the selected qualification.
12 Months – Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services
12 Months – National Certificate: Supply Chain Management
18 Months – National Certificate: Generic Management
It is acceptable for learners to complete their qualification in less time than the above stipulated timeframe.

It is recommended that learners allocate between 6-7 hours a week to work through the theory component, additional time may be needed for the practical component which may require workplace exposure. This time may vary depending on the learners’ capabilities and workplace responsibilities.

Personalised submission calendars are issued to all learners at Induction.

Learners should come to an agreement with their Employer whether these recommended hours be spent at work or at home, this is at the Employers discretion.

Learners may apply for a 3 or 6 month extension.  The application should be requested one month prior to the qualification termination date and should be motivated by a valid explanation, supporting documentation and employer approval.  Approval of extensions are determined by the registered SETA, who are not obligated to grant the extension. Additional costs may be incurred for all extensions granted (refer to Payments).

A fee will apply for all extensions granted, please contact an ISS Online representative for further details.

This website does not share personal information with third parties nor do we store any information about your visit to this website other than to analyse and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies. You can turn off the use of cookies at anytime by changing your specific browser settings.

Yes. If you can produce your SETA statement of results, you will be credited for those unit standards.

There is no minimum, you may progress as quickly as you would like.

Yes. You will only require internet access to download the course material and to submit your assessments. All material and assessments may be worked on offline.

Yes, you can. There is a progress bar that will appear at the top of your registered Qualifications page, once your Online Mentor has marked your assessments the percentage bar will start increasing.


Yes. All part/full qualifications are accredited with the relevant SETA’s (services SETA, TETA) and are nationally recognised.

Yes. All of our accredited qualifications have dedicated subject matter experts who are accredited assessors with the relevant SETA’s.


Learners are emailed their Login username and password.  To login use the link provided in the email or visit http://www.smashingwebdev.com/onlineisscoza/elearning/#login, and insert your username and password.

Once you are logged in, the “Login” button should then read, “Logout” and you should be able to see a “My Qualifications” page in the main menu.

A course induction is conducted with each learner prior to commencement of learning, this is done via Skype or face-to-face depending on your location. The induction includes all the information learners need to know before starting their qualification, as well as a demonstration of the ISS Online Platform.

At the course induction each learner receives a submission calendar (this is also emailed to each learner together with their login details).  This calendar shows the duration of the qualification and indicates the specific dates for each unit standard with the due dates for each assignment.

“Registered statement of desired education and training outcomes and its associated assessment criteria together with administrative and other information as specified in the regulations.”

A unit standard also known as an individual “subject” that forms part of the building blocks of the full qualification.  A qualification is made up on a number of unit standards which have credits attached to them.

Each unit standard includes the following documents to be downloaded:

  • Learner Guide – PDF document
  • Formative Assessment – Word document
  • Online Attendance Register – PDF document
  • Workplace Assessment / Project – Word document

The Summative Assessment is not downloaded but is accessed by select “View the Summative Assessment”.

Learners are only ever expected to print documentation that requires their original signature.  These documents include the “Online Attendance Register” and the “Logbook”. Once signed these can be scanned and uploaded under the relevant questions.

Learners are required to submit their Formative and Summative Assessments in FULL.  Learners need to achieve 80% or above in each Specific Outcome of a unit standard in order to be deemed Competent.

ISS Online has a team of accredited assessors and subject matter experts who mark all our learners’ submissions. These assessors are accredited with the relevant SETA’s and have authority to deem learners Competent or Not yet Competent.

Learners are emailed a “Learner Feedback Report” which indicates if they have achieved Competency or not.  If learners are found Competent, their submitted assessment is “Graded” on the Online Platform and they receive email confirmation of their final result.

If learners receive their “Learner Feedback Report” and they have been found Not Yet Competent, the report will indicate the areas where they fell short in.  The assessor will indicate what remediation / corrective action needs to be completed in order for the learner to be found Competent.


At Induction each learner is allocated a dedicated ISS Online Mentor, this mentor is able to assist with any content or IT related queries the learner may have. 

Learners may contact your mentor through email, telephone or via Live chat.

Online Mentors are available for assistance during weekday business hours 08:00 – 16:00.

If queries are sent after business hours, they will be attended to by learner’s Online Mentor earliest convenience.

At the point of Induction all learners will need to establish who their Workplace Mentor will be, this is generally a supervisor, line manager or H.R manager.  This mentor should commit to assisting learners in all areas regarding their practical workplace exposure.

Yes. Both are compatible with the ISS Online eLearning site. Please go to Responsive Design on the Home page for the comparability’s of the different devices.

The head office is in Pietermaritzburg, with branches across South Africa.


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