Business Advising Operations SAQA ID 48967 NQF 6 Credits 138

Business Advising Operations

Business Advising Operations SAQA ID 48967 NQF 6 Credits 138

by ISS Online 3 Unit Standards in

This qualification further extends the capabilities of various levels of leadership within an organisation, enhancing their management of people, resources or projects and unlocking opportunities for career advancement.
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The purpose of the National Certificate: Business Advising Operations is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to be appointed as Business Advisors who have an important role to play in the management of small business organisations where they can assist in supervising and monitoring the success of the organisation. This Qualification is for any individual who is or, who wishes to be involved in the Business Advising field.

Qualifying learners will be able to:

  • Promote the development of knowledge, skills and values that are required in the Business Advising Operations Industry.
  • Release the potential of people, in order for them to grow and develop.
  • Provide opportunities for people to move up career paths by being more valuable to their organisation, the economy and themselves.

Who Should Attend

Learners working towards this Qualification will find that the acquisition of competence in the Unit Standards, which make up the Qualification, will add value to their job. This Qualification is intended to enhance the provision of service within the Business Advising Industry. This Qualification and the Assessment Criteria and guidelines which accompany them have been designed to ensure that access to NQF registered Qualifications in Business Advising Operations is not limited to those who are employed in a Business Advising function.

This qualification has therefore been designed to meet the needs of those learners who are already involved in the field of Business Advising and now wish to practice in a higher level in the Business Advising Operations Industry. Many businesses require input and advice as to the direction, growth opportunities and feasibility of the business. There is a need to develop career paths in this field, and it is an industry constantly in need of skilled people in this particular line.

This Qualification aims at equipping learners to perform more advanced business advising operational functions in small to medium organisations and to provide support to those organisations in order that the management functions are more effectively performed within those organisations to avoid unnecessary problems.


  1. Implement and understand the impact HIV/AIDS and professional ethics and values have of the overall success of the business.
  2. Apply strategic and critical approaches to the development and implementation of a business plan in order to provide an effective business advising service.
  3. Gather and evaluate financial information of the business and communicate these findings to those who need to make decisions.
  4. Manage, employ and effectively control a diversity of business operational and administrative functions, projects and resources to build and maintain the feasibility of the business.
  5. Describe the legal and regulatory environment and analyse the impact of changes in relevant requirements, constraints, and competitive practices.
  6. Anticipate and meet the client’s changing needs by being client and market focused.
  7. Use strategic and critical approaches to decision-making and problem-solving in order to deliver services and provide value in the business sector in which the business operates.


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